eBA Document Management System

Improve your company’s efficiency with workflows, document and digitization management.


eBA Document Management System

Regulates corporate memory of an organization or establishment and helps preparing for a safe and healthy future. In other words, this system enables creating, keeping written and visual elements such as information, paper, document that are issued throughout lifecycle of companies as well as offering safe and fast online access to such information. In short, we can define it as paperless office management system.



Document Management System

eBA Workflow Management System is a process development platform that enables quickly transferring work processes to electronic automation and integration with other corporate applications as well as increasing profitability of enterprises and extending process oriented work concept. We need workflow systems for standardizing, optimizing, fastening and automation of corporate processes. Such systems make smart documents and forms and enable management of those on electronic environment.

Manage your Workflow Processes with eBA

You can improve your process performances and keep costs under control. The high integration capability allows information control and reducing manual information entry by 85 % in comparison to existing systems and you can thus assure stable and controlled data entry.

  • You can control your critical processes with eBA and eBA will remind you the works when the time comes. You can assure easy integration with operational systems and manage your processes from wall to wall. You can improve your company’s efficiency by speeding up your work processes with eBA.
  • Code writing requirements might be minimized thanks to drag and drop technology and you can quickly transfer all your processes to the electronic environment.
  • You can introduce feasible standards to your processes and make sure that your work processes are applied on the same standards for all employees.
  • Favorites tab allows quick access to the most frequently used work processes and reports.
  • Thanks to proxy mechanism, you can monitor all the works done when you are not at the office and assign more than one proxy.
  • Share in-house announcements with any user you want thanks to authority based announcement feature and improve in-house communication.
  • Define role based workflows and make processes independent from individuals. This will allow only replacing the person of that role when the workflow is changed. Hence, you will not need to revise your processes in case of dismissing personnel and vacation etc.

Let eBA manage your documents

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS); use eBA to manage all documents issued as a result of organizational activities and considered as an evidence

Send documents issued with KEP integration to other public
institutions and establishments; enter KEP correspondences to the system and use the system to monitor them.

Improve your company’s efficiency with workflow, document and digitization management

Real time stats

eBA Document Management enables fast paperless office transformation with eBA Capture and eBA Workflow modules and you can share and monitor online all your work processes and corporate documents.

Great compatibility and integration

eBA allows developing work processes that can be easily integrated with existing operational systems. The customizable layer allows fully compatible operation with the processes on the existing infrastructure of the company.

It just works on all mobile devices

Have access to processes independent from devices using native mobile application operated with IOS, Android and Windows Mobile and you can carry out approval transactions. You will be informed about works pending your approval instantly thanks to the push notifications.

Amazing performance

You can improve your process performance by assuring standardization and automation of work processes. This will allow reducing process costs and contribute effective use of corporate resources.

Work Remotely from your phone

Manage and monitor your work processes and documents via web by using all mobile devices. All processes and documents designed on the system are accessible through mobile interfaces and you can control your processes and documents even if you are out of the office.

Easy to use interface

Thanks to eBa Document Management, you can create corporate memory and online in-house circulation of such documents via eBa Workflow as well as quickly transform all physical documents into electronic documents with eBa Capture.


Electronically sign your documents with
e-signature / mobile signature infrastructure

  • You can use e-signature and mobile signature integration in eBA infrastructure to securely sign and keep your electronic documents.
  • You are only required to obtain in-house certificates to use e-signature infrastructure; thanks to the strong infrastructure capable of smoothly working with all e-signature certificates, you can immediately start using your electronic signature without necessity of doing any extra work.
  • You can legally validate electronic forms thanks to e-signature integration and share documents created on the system with third parties.
  • You can transform the forms created throughout work processes into PDF documents and sign them using e-signature or your mobile signature. The signature details shall be embedded in the PDF document.
  • Thanks to the mobile signature infrastructure, you do not need to have other hardware with you; you can easily use your mobile phone to sign. This will both reduce the e-signature costs and offer an easier and safer signature process.


Integrates with Dynamics 365, Oracle, SAP, among other industry standard systems.

Don’t let your work processes run themselves