When it comes to ERP implementation, complexity doesn’t have to equal frustration.

Impax knows that software implementation can be overwhelming. Between selecting the solution and configuring it to match your business need, there are many variables to consider. Add to that transferring data, managing change across your organization and re-training staff on how to perform their tasks and the whole world of business management solutions can seem insurmountable.

You know the margin for error is high, and whether from personal experience, you understand that simplicity in software implementation is rare. You could change all that with Impax.

Our mission is to identify and understand clients’ needs and to help them solve their problems, to respect the client, to offer the best software services and we continuously develop our own applications to merge the client needs.

Impax helps companies unlock the value of their business applications. By engaging us you gain a partner that is committed to your business. We do much more than just unwrap and install, we will work with you to automate your company’s unique business processes, to integrate existing systems and people, to make necessary business practice adjustments, and to ensure the solution will scale with your company’s growth.

There is no project too complex or too big for us to take on, because we have done it before, and we have done it with a high degree of precision in a professional manner. We have selected a perfect team of consultants and IT developers to be your technology partners, using their experience to advise you, with the understanding that you are the expert in your company.

Forget about old software issues, burdensome reporting, unhappy customers, system errors, corrupt data, lost customers, decreasing sales or uncontrolled costs.

Impax will be there for you and will closely cooperate with your team: