Reconciling fixed asset financial records can be a daunting task. A significant hurdle is that more than one person is usually involved. Consequently, record keeping habits vary and the opportunity to introduce errors through redundant data entry is high.

Impax offers turn-key solutions designed to reconcile fixed assets and sustain accurate and reliable results going forward.

We begin by analysing your current records and reorganizing records into classifications in order to ease reconciliation tasks. Next, we conduct a full physical inventory, while matching installed assets to logical records.

In the event that we uncover assets that are not reported on the general ledger, we will appraise them and assign values for inclusion into your financial records. Throughout the project, we identify opportunities for improvement and offer recommendations for implementation of best practices.

To ease and automate record keeping, Impax offers a complete line of automatic data capture and asset tracking software and hardware. Contact us for any inquiries.