Implementation Services

These services vary depending on many aspects of the implementation, including data conversion, additional software options and training methodology.

Implementation services include:

Project Management

Effective project management is critical to the success of any software implementation. Our project management practices focus on effective communication, issue management and risk management.

Software Enhancements

Periodic updates of the software will be provided through the vendor’s Enhancement Program. The updates incorporate new features and major enhancements to the application. Unique requests and specialized plans will be considered by Impax and the software vendor to provide you with a service and support plan that is tailored to suit your specific concerns.


Impax offers customized training. We work with you to determine the appropriate training plan. Our goal is to educate your staff to the point where they are independently capable of operating the system on a daily basis.

Ongoing Support

One of the benefits of being our client is the availability of Impax’s Customer Service Desk. This provides you with direct access to our qualified consultants.