At the risk of most companies sounding like Captain Obvious, we as Impax Business Solutions think it’s safe to keep it as our core business the goal of our clients’ business to grow and expand. Crucial to this expansion is an increase in sales and the continuing capture of market share. But here is something that keeps us in the game: Developing and keeping up to date our clients’ internal business systems that control accounting and finance, inventory management and operations, billing, and sales just as crucial to the expansion of a business.

Basically we are talking about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and a full suite of tools that can help push business past the pain of growth and firmly into increased expansion and stability in the marketplace. Its chief benefit is that it adds additional flexibility to an already robust piece of software. The technology gives management tighter cash flow controls and predictive analytics that enable the company to proactively plan a strategic and orderly growth trajectory, instead of a disordered and chaotic growth spurt. This is why Microsoft Dynamics GP was developed until the onset of the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 that we proudly offer as a service.

Dynamics GP takes some very powerful tools that big businesses had been using and put them in the cloud. This Software as a Service will give you everything you need to get control of your company and prepare it for the next level.

Dynamics GP 2016 comes in handy when it comes to normal business operations, have you as a manager or anybody involved in business operations come to ask yourself this questions? What if each employee was greeted each day with a personalized dashboard of tasks? How much redundant order entry could they reduce by entering data into one system that populates all other functions? Microsoft Dynamics GP answers all these questions and more. Dynamics GP is primarily a communications workhorse. That is because there is an inter-company processing engine linking all critical business functions behind Dynamics GP. It is precisely this ability to communicate across desks or between departments that sets this software apart.

It can create a new transparency in an organization by melding business, financial, and operational functions. Sales managers and reps will be able to see a dashboard with key performance indicators. Finance will be able to track values and reduce reporting errors. GP is designed to become the tool that links everyone together in a shared goal to improve the business. GP actually helps employers create a culture of accountability within an organization. Process automation will help keep tasks on track. Documents can be generated and automatically sent to the appropriate parties for approval. This keeps workflows running smoothly.

You can track and optimize fulfillment and reduce costs. You can also analyze sales by type or price. There are predictive analytics tools baked into the reporting functionality, so businesses that are struggling with cash flow can predict market highs and lows based on historical data. Anticipating customer demand helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. You can even track the depreciation of fixed assets all the way to retirement.

These are huge selling points that individual platforms like Quick Books simply cannot offer in our analysis. Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to become your business infrastructure across all areas of your company and we are open for consultation on the same. Visibility across the organization will improve as data is entered in sales, which flows to project management, then to billing, and so on. We will share more on the individual modules we offer on our next blog.

Article done by : Polycup Ngare.