If you run, manage, work in or own a small or medium business you have probably come to the unpleasant conclusion that software companies don’t care about you, especially when it comes to interaction and doing business with your customers and even staff members. This has all changed with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Historically, you either had to choose between an off the shelf product and learn to live with its shortfalls, or fork over huge sums of money for an enterprise product to later find that you don’t need or want half the features it provides.

Impax Business Solutions’ Microsoft dynamics 365 is looking forward to changing all that. The net result of the company’s years of constant experience and refinement in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering are evident from our partnership with Microsoft and customer base.

Organizations will always want to know more about their customers  , make swifter, smarter business decisions and do more with less. If these are your objectives, Dynamics 365 needs to be on your strategic planning radar. So, if all you need right now is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) , you only buy those modules, but you also get the assurance that when you get to the point that you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Help desk and Service Management or Document Management system you simply add those modules to your already existing system. No need to reinvent the wheel or spend more of your hard earned money buying a completely new system.  Microsoft dynamics 365 solution is truly a One system,One Solution package.

Impax’s Microsoft dynamics 365  is a complete business solution which can be integrated throughout your entire organization, eliminating the cost and complexity of buying and running separate CRM and ERP systems. It combines ERP and CRM in one intuitive platform and works seamlessly with office productivity tools like Outlook and SharePoint. It gives you the power to redefine your business .

Many organizations today lack a unified view of their business, with departments, systems and people working in silos. If an employee needs to compile information for an important customer meeting or develop a new report, that often means multiple log-ins, emails and phone calls—which translates to wasted time and inconclusive   answers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, by contrast, consolidates all of this data into one unified solution in the cloud, accessible via desktop, browser, tablet or mobile devices. That puts all the data your employees need to do their jobs right at their fingertips. It also means that people are communicating and collaborating across an organization’s departments—marketing, sales, operations, finance, accounting and more so generating results.

For IT staff and executives, Dynamics 365 will deliver the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having the infrastructure, upgrades and security provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform and services. A move to Dynamics 365 will provide additional benefits from “power tools” such as app builders that allow everyday users to build mobile applications. Dynamics 365 also offers machine learning/artificial intelligence via Microsoft’s Cortana technology, enabling predictive analytics and more proactive decision-making.

As the marketplace shifts from a siloed systems approach to a unified, role-based approach, dynamics 365 is ideally positioned to move organizations into the future—making them more efficient, agile and productive.

Microsoft products have been sold and supported in Africa for years. If you need a robust and ‘easy-to-use’ Microsoft systems with enterprise features at a price that small and medium businesses can afford please don’t delay – take a deeper look at Impax business solutions limited.  Our team is very excited to share information and insights as you learn more, and we are committed to helping organizations understand the right solution for them. In case of any inquires kindly get in touch with us   via our contact page and the  active online interaction.

Article done by : Polycup Ngare.