Have you ever wondered who the author to the birthday song” we sing every time we celebrate a birthday” is? Actually “The Birthday Song” was a remix, kind of. In 1893, Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill wrote a song they called, “Good Morning To All,” which was intended to be sung by students before classes began. The song eventually caught on across America, giving rise to a number of variations. Robert Coleman eventually published a songbook in 1924, adding a few extra lyrics that would quickly come to overshadow the original lines. The new rendition became the version we now all know, “Happy Birthday To You.”

Anyways that was just to beef up your general knowledge but at Impax we want to celebrate the birthdays of two amazing born July ladies you will love to interact with anytime of the day.

To start us off is our very own System Admin Nancy Waweru ‘Bae’. A very charming and outgoing lady who joined us in 2015. An IT guru who loves building rapport with people in the course of her duties. She is not only the system admin but also an active team member in the business development department equipped with brilliant marketing ideas where her charming personality comes in handy.

Nancy enjoys travelling more so to the coastal beaches. On her travelling diary she plans to visit the marvelous Watamu tree house, a beautiful and peaceful village on the Kenya Coast, nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forest a haven of peace and tranquility. Mauritius is her must go place come what may to have a whale watching cruise, to visit Rodrigues – Jewel in the crown of the Mascarene Islands and have a zip line Tyroliennes Adventure. Apart from travelling she also loves watching series on her free time, currently she is on Game of Thrones. It’s such a dope series, a must watch for the series fanatics.

As Impax we want to celebrate Nancy as she turns a year older and wiser by letting her know the value of her presence as our colleague is much appreciated in that the office is less of a workplace, all because of her cheerful demeanor. The team functions like a well-oiled machines thanks to one of the most helpful colleagues I’ve seen. Happy birthday to Nancy who is the department’s heartbeat! Your presence is what makes work-life so amazing.

We also want to celebrate Mary Wamuyu’s aka ‘Rima’ birthday! A captivating, adventurous, detail –oriented engaging lady who joined Impax early this year as a Project Assistant at the tracking department.

Family is dear to her. She is very devoted and strong willed when it comes to her family. Next to family is her love for music, listens to all genres but she is a die hard fan for Jason Derulo’s R&B, hip hop songs. On the daring and fearless side of hers, she has a thing for heights so her number one priority in her to do bucket list is to go hiking on the highest mountain in the world; Everest Base Camp Trek which is in Nepal a journey of a whole freaking 16 days! Covering 70 miles on foot and I haven’t mention the cold you are exposed to, one really needs to be psyched up for this. Just so you know this trek is becoming popular as you get the opportunity to experience the people and culture that makes their home at these elevations. You also get to be face-to-face with the highest point on Earth!

Mary we want to join you in celebrating your birthday by saying that you are a colleague who is a ball of energy and gets everyone enthused making work seem cheery, whose charm is unmatched and carries a passionate demeanor with much dreams to accomplish and ambitions that’s unwavering;you are that person who rubs off positivity to everyone else on the way so we all gather in wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to the beautiful ladies!!