Handhelds Flocking To Android

Handhelds Flocking To Android

Asset managers should increasingly look forward to upgrade their mobile devices. This is one of the ways to satisfy the demands to rev up productivity while reining in costs. This is because current mobile operating systems (windows Embedded OS), will be out of service soon. Managers must minimize disruption while making those changes.

We are partnering with Zebra technologies to champion the rolling out of this new technology. This will apply to all the devices. However, since nearly all the mobile devices in this sector run on the Windows operating system. Microsoft is planning to end its support for the versions of the Windows softwares that are used on handheld devices.

The Redmond, Wash-based technology giant will stop issuing security patches and software updates. This applies to Windows Consumer Electronic Devices and Windows Mobile operating systems. The deadlines are occurring between 2018 and 2021. Avoid being caught up in the fix and contact us for inquiry on both the hardware and software from Zebra Technologies all at our disposal.

Any company still running Windows software on its devices will be left to fend for itself. They will constantly battle to ward off viruses, fix software bugs, or add new apps.

This applies to:

  • Warehouses
  • manufacturing industries
  • transport and logistics companies
  • retail and Healthcare.

Both companies will need to buy a new handheld devices or get the convertor (Still in Development) that converts the OS to Android.The device willtherefore pack enough memory and computing power to run the next-generation OS. This will lead to upgrading of their applications and build new links to related software like warehouse management systems (WMS).

Choosing a new OS, finding the right devices and modernizing your apps before the 2020 end of extended support will have huge productivity and cost advantages.

The transition will leave managers with smarter, faster handhelds that can both improve security and enable a more connected work force.

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