Performance Management


By Impax Business Solutions

Description of the offer

Performance management module is meant to ensure that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization’s goals/targets in an effective and efficient manner. In summary this is achieved by the company setting up goal/target setting periods as well are appraisal periods. Secondly, defining rating of different appraisal entries then the actual goal setting which undergoes a workflow which requires both the appraiser and the person being appraised to agree to the set goals.

Once this session has been documented and the appraisals done the final outcome which is the score is generated and the administrator can generate reports per department, over achievers, under achievers as well as average achievers.

“Has the functionality of allowing a number of approval and assessment workflows that can be defined to meet all client needs as well as request for change at any level.”

Value Proposition of the Performance Management Module

  • This module focuses on how the overall goals and objectives of an organization trickle down to the department and employees from top management to entry level and from than an evaluation is done on what has been achieved at the end of a given period.
  • In the module you will have the capability of defining different target setting periods for example annual, bi-annually or even quarterly.
  • Upon defining this periods you will also define the appraisal period. The goals set alongside what the employee and employer will have discussed during the appraisal period will be documented in the module and form reports.
  • The module has the functionality of allowing a number of approval and assessment workflows that can be defined to meet all client needs as well as request for change at any level. Different appraisers can be linked to different appraises and the approval process may be set in a number of levels up the organizational hierarchy.
  • Appraisal rating may be defined alongside the performance evaluation template to constitute the over scores of an employee and the rating types are also defined.
  • Reports can be generated from the scores achieved by the employees and grouped according to departments and section or even according to total scores to give top, middle and low achievers.
  • Based on the desires of the client the setting can be put in place to filter what different employees have access to for example it may be grouped to Human Resource, Team Leader, Head of Department and general employees.

Type of user that benefits from the offer as well as the target industries that would benefit from the
Performance Management Module

This module can cater to the following employer and employees in the industries below and not limited to them.

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Electronic
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Transport

Business Audience for the Performance Management Module

The business audience for the module is companies that are looking to align the overall goals and targets with the daily/ monthly/ BI-annually or annual operations of each department and further each individual.

This module allows for every single employee to be accountable for their tasks and report on them. The employee and supervisor are given the opportunity to have a session to evaluate the tasks assigned and further deliberate on the best way forward when it comes to the tasks that build up to achieve the overall company goals and target.

At the end of the day the key business audience if customers looking to closely monitor how each individual in a company helps achieve the overall goal. This in turn will help the company make unbiased decisions when it comes to promotions, transfers, new hires and terminations.

Customer need or pain that the offer addresses

  • Flexible goal/target setting and review/appraisal period.
  • Ability to generate different performance based reports.
  • Accuracy of summation of scores.
  • Ability to prompt individuals on actions that require there attention.
  • Allocation of specific timeline for all performance related actions.
  • Comments section and ability to approve and reject targets and goals set as well as review.
  • Upload option for goal setting and approved appraisal.
  • Ability to create different performance appraisal template and link to specific employees.