Looking For Property Management Software!

Looking For Property Management Software!

Managing property has never been a simple task, but it has taken a different turn. With Microsoft Dynamics Gp property management  software integration, property managers are going to find it an easier task.

The integration creates a streamlined data exchange between the two platforms. It delivers a unique leading-edge bundled solution to handle every aspect from accounting, lease administration, billing to reporting. This integration delivers game-changing results for our clients to simplify their operations, reduce costs, and serve both their prospective and existing tenants.

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Property Management software features an intuitive-user interface. Its workflow can be customized by our professionals according to the client requirements.

The package enables property managers to focus on potential areas of concern before they become a negative cash flow reality. It has incorporated modules that show real time data for overall property performance including occupancy, financial health, leasing activity and renewal efforts

Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Property Management

  • Comprehensive lease management
  • Seamless integration to GP
  • Comprehensive tenant information tracking
  • Flexible billing and transaction processing
  • Get an in-depth look into all lease related activities
  • Produce reports with improved accuracy and transparency


As Impax business solutions we have a long-standing reputation as a leader in delivering Microsoft products. We represent well the partners we work with. We offer our mutual clients a total package of best-of-breed technology, flexibility and convenience for property managers. These integrated platform aim to give property managers everywhere an advantage to serve future tenants, while maintaining a strong return on investment.

Our passion as industry leaders in delivering and implementing an array of Microsoft products is to find new and better ways to enhance user experiences. This is by making transactions seamless and creating communication channels. Microsoft Dynamics Gp property management solution brings into focus the eco-system we have created. As professionals in the field we continue to perfect our effort to deliver it to streamline the entire leasing process.

With Microsoft Dynamics Gp property management  software at our disposal, Property Management Professionals will to spend their time managing their properties, not their software. For full deployment of the system with the right modules in-place, do not hesitate to contact us