We Transform Your Vision into Results with Impax HRMIS

This is a localized Human Resources Management System that addresses the Payroll and Human Resources management requirements. 

Impax HRMIS is a modular system can be sold and implemented as a stand-alone solution or as part of the Dynamics 365 solutions.

Features of the Impax Human Resources Management System

Jobs Management.
Recruitment Management.

Employee Management.
Performance Management.
Training Management.

Disciplinary Management.
Leave Management.
Health and Safety.

Separation Management.
Self Service Management.

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When selecting a reliable Human Resources management software (HRMS), you will want to consider several key elements:

  • Does the software fit your ideal combination of price and utility?
  • Does its user interface (UI) offer an intuitive experience?
  • Does the tool tie into your legacy software packages?
  • Can it scale as your company grows?
  • When it comes to a final decision, it narrows down to the vendor, does the vendor offer the kind of service you’ll need should the software fail at any point?