Impax D365 CRM for Non-profits

Our one mission is to enable non-profits all around the world to be able to have organisational visibility in a much easier way.

When you think of a nonprofit, what do you think of? It’s likely, you think of an organization full of kind, giving, passionate, and mission-driven people who are making a difference in local, state, national, or global communities.

Their power to affect positive change joins groups of like-minded people with shared missions to deliver happiness, help, and heart to the world, and, may we just say – it’s amazing what some of these nonprofits accomplish!

The positive impact nonprofits typically have on their communities is enormous. So, you may wonder, how do they support and organize all of the information they collect through the external involvement of volunteers, donors, and members?


Donor Management

Give your donors the VIP treatment by ensuring that every time your organization comes into contact with them your representative is up to speed on their giving patterns. Capture essential information at the time of first donation, and track the status of your fundraising campaigns.

Effective Donor and Volunteer Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with Office 365 and PowerBI to connect CRM managers and fundraisers with donors and volunteers to help increase donations and volunteerism

Ease of access

mpax Microsoft Dynamics 365 for nonprofit can be deployed as a cloud-based solution for easy access especially to those in field service. Data is available anytime and anywhere so decisions are made easily onsite and offsite.

Grant Management

Impax Microsoft D365 for non-profit is configured ways to track grants, starting with the application process to being awarded the grant. Users can also set up recurrences that remind them to renew or re-apply for grants.

Cost Savings

Most nonprofits have limited budgets, so Microsoft Dynamics 365 strives to keep the cost of its system low so nonprofits have options with quality CRM management.

Integrate it with your D365 eco-system

Impax Dynamics 365 for nonprofit integrates with Dynamics 365 Finance and operations for Financial management of donations and Grants received.

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