Impax Dynamics 365 CRM
for Micro Finance

Dynamics 365 CRM for Micro-finance is an add-on solution on Dynamics CRM crafted to assist in streamlining Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience and Loan processing processes in Micro-finances, Saccos and Banks.

The solution helps the business development team to plan and execute marketing campaigns using different channels as well as tracking the business opportunities generated from different campaigns.

The solution provides integration to different call center solutions which enables your business to deliver excellent and personalized customer experience which in turn ensures business continuity through referrals and repeat business.

The Technology

This section briefly highlights the key capabilities and modules provided by the Dynamics CRM for Micro-Finance provides.

Marketing Planners and Campaign Management

Through this Module, the business development team has a clear visibility of all the marketing activities in their pipeline. The system enables the BD team to plan, schedule and execute marketing activities and track the performance.

Loans and Files Tracking

The system provides a guided business process flow to initiate loans from leads which then integrates to the core banking system. This reduces turn-around time in the loan processing cycle since users are working on single interface. The system also provides files tracking capabilities through SharePoint documents management system providing quick access to documents involved in the loan processing cycle.

Call center integration

Dynamics 365 CRM for Micro-Finance in integrated to Call Center solutions to ensure efficient communicate internally and externally with customers. The integration also enhances telemarketing activities to generate leads and sales.

Contacts, Prospects and Customers Management

The solution provides a central repository of your customers, contacts and prospects ensuring quick access to information and enhanced communication using difference channels like emails, phones and bulk SMS.

Debt Collection

The Debt Collection module helps in tracking defaulters which is triggered by failure to service repayment installment, bounced cheques or bounced standing order. The process is guide by a business process through the different debt collection stages like demand letter, proclamation, repossession, auction and file closure. The system sends reminders for the different stages in the entire debt collection process.

Reporting and Analytics

Dynamics CRM for Micro Finance provides robust reporting capabilities using reports and dashboards. The system also integrates with Power BI reporting tool to generate intuitive dashboards for proper reporting.


Customers Analysis

Loan processing turn around time

Leads Analysis

Sales Performance by Branch

Sales Trend Analysis

Customer Service Summary

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