Boost your workplace efficiency with Impax’s Office 365

Boost your workplace efficiency with Impax’s Office 365

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Office 365 is a cloud-based email, calendar and collaboration service. Office365 lets you access your email, calendar, address book and tasks on any computer through a web browser. You can also use a desktop email client or a mobile device to access your Office 365.


Desktop Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, which you can install and use on multiple devices.

Online Office applications which are accessible on the go from a web browser.

Business Email (Exchange) which provides easy access to emails from a client or a web browser and can be configured with your domain name.

Storage (OneDrive) solution.

Why Office 365

  • Boost your workplace efficiency with simple and intuitive office applications.
  • Work anywhere, anytime with easy access to emails, documents and more from any device.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership associated with managing expensive servers.
  • Robust data security and control for your company.
  • Up-to-date office software with automatic updates at no extra cost.

At Impax, we are the leading providers of Microsoft products and consulting services focused on the middle market and we operate across Africa.  Our size allows us to attract and retain exceptional clients, tools and technologies while still offering a local, personal touch with significant value at a fair price.