The best Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider for over a decade

The best Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider for over a decade

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM has gained immense popularity due to its extensive list of impeccable features. The web-based application supports extensive web services.

If you are looking for a Professional CRM service provider to plan, install, configure, customize as well as maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, then we have the highly qualified professionals for the same. Our expert professionals will enable you to serve customers effectively using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions ensure that you make the most of the out-of-box abilities of Dynamics CRM. We adhere to an implementation methodology focusing on key end-user participation using various cross-phase processes. We leverage proven execution methodologies, business & technology expertise and our strategical alliance with Microsoft to fuel your business success.

we provide following services:


  • Customization of Layout of existing Entity Forms.
  • Adding New Entities as per business requirements.
  • Providing Dashboards and Reports for Business Analytics.
  • Creating and configuring system views and personal views.


  • Configuring Workflows as per Business Processes.
  • Providing dialogs for user interaction
  • Writing Custom code like Plug-ins for dynamic handling of business needs.
  • Developing robust web resources for Client-side validations.
  • Embedding HTML resources for better layout and user-friendliness.

Migration And Upgrade 

  • On-premise and online Data migration.
  • Effective Catalog Building
  • Quick Image Processing


  • Integration with 3rd party Applications.
  • Integration with SharePoint sites for document management and other features.
  • Email router and outlook configuration